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- Raulandsakademiet is well known for preserving traditional culture.

Courses 2013

Courses 2013

Welcome to attend a course at Raulandsakademiet

Once again we present a new catalogue with 65 offerings. You will find several well-known courses, but also many new ones. Most of our courses are available for English speakers.

Start dato: 24.07.2014

Slutt dato: 27.07.2014

Påmeldingsfrist 12. juni 2013

Kursnr.: 1459

Lærar: Beit Knai Johansen

Start dato: 30.06.2014

Slutt dato:6.07.2014

Påmeldingsfrist 19. mai

Kursnr.: 1463

Lærar: Anne Synnøve Berglund

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Ann Mari Jore

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